The Song Sorcerer draws from a deep wellspring of songs, ranging from rock, pop, blues, country, folk, reggae, and originals, delivering a dynamic performance that satisfies a wide variety of music lovers.

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the song sorcerer:an introduction

Greetings fellow Earthlings. I am the Song Sorcerer, and I Craft Music Magic.
Music, for me, is the most accessible gateway to experience Ecstasy, a taste of the Divine. Out of all the religions and spiritual traditions I have explored, the simple act of playing music, writing a song, or listening to a well crafted record, connects me to my Source with a natural ease I have yet to find anywhere else. It is my Desire that, through music, song and the performing arts, I can share a bit of that Experience with you. Let's Dance Ecstatically at the Fire of Creativity, together.

From my Magic to yours,

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